Learning Management System

Though it is affordable & flexible, we at GENEX ensure that the investment for any learning program does not go wasted. Instead, it has developed very interesting platform to track the performance of individual employees for both the aspects of academic and competency development.

It is being updated in timely manner in order to ensure the value for money and also creating the performance-driven mindset which is really a challenging even in the corporates in today’s context. From the inception, we have carefully designed the mechanism in order to capture the areas of strength and the areas of improvement while giving the constructive and continuous feedback in order to produce a better outcome at the end. We strongly believe that only the academics do not create the value whereas the required other competencies.
The level of completion, student performance and standing against the class, future events and many more.

Session Evaluation

program Quality Improvement

We all at GENEX are so concerned about the program quality. We strongly believe that there is always room to improve. In our GCIP (Genex Continuous Improvement Program), session evaluation is one of the part and parcel. Thus, we hear continuously from each interaction and take every possible step to improve the level of delivery and service.

Student counselling and career guidance

We strongly believe that each student needs proper guidance during their learning period to make certain decisions. They might need career counselling and guidance as they are now on their career journey. Thus, we made it so easy. While ensuring the privacy of individuals, it is now on digital platform. We encourage all our students to connect with counselling WhatsApp service and we assign a mentor to each student upon the registration.


GENEX Memories

“Let’s make memories that last forever” This is the CSR arm of GENEX which has been created in order to bring our social responsibility forward. Each and every initiative is being captured through GENEX Memories. This is with very purpose of placing a SMILE on the faces who hardly wear a smiling face. Also, we uphold our values in each and every initiative.